This web page is from Fall 2022. For the current version of this page please see your instructor.

1 Course Overview

Discrete Mathematics and Theory 1 is a course designed to provide the mathematical tools needed for later CS courses. This version of the course is shared by Elizabeth Orrico and Nathan Brunelle, including sharing a common set of assessments and grading schemes.

Course meetings are synchronous and usually may be attended in-person or remotely via zoom live-stream. We will additionally post recordings of live-streams after class for asynchronous review. Friday class meetings are mandatory with no recordings provided, we will make an announcement when there are exceptions to this.. Connecting to the course meetings is managed through Collab:

Collab pulls participant information once each day from SIS. If you add the course, you may need to wait up to 24 hours before you have Collab access.

1.1 Eligibility

You should take this course if and only if

  1. You have credit (or passed the placement test) for at least one of CS 1110, CS 1111, CS 1112, CS 1113, or CS 1120

1.2 Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course, a successful student will be able to

  • Communicate using first-order logic to unambiguously specify claims, including
    • converting between English and logic
    • proper use of alternating quantifiers
  • Prove theorems and write prose proofs by hand, utilizing the following proof techniques
    • direct proof
    • proof by contradiction
    • proof by cases
    • induction
  • Converse in the language of sets, including proper use of
    • set operators (notation and meaning)
    • set-builder notation
    • cardinality, both finite and infinite (but not classes of infinity)
  • Categorize functions as invertible, 1-to-1, and onto
  • Identify relations with the reflexive, transitive, and associative properties, and identify equivalence relations in particular
  • Understand and use
    • summation notation
    • counting rules
    • prime factorization
    • logarithms

2 Writeups

From time to time I create reference pages intended to supplement the textbooks (MCS and ∀x, the latter also having a solution book); I have no obvious place to list those supplements so I’m listing them here. They are: