Join Lecture (Tues/Thurs at 3:30pm)

The University will be conducting exclusively online through at least April 5 (there will be a reassessment at some point prior to that date). The course will be modified in the following ways.

1 Lectures 

I hope to do live lectures via zoom during our normal class time (3:30pm Tuesday/Thurday). I will record these meetings and link to them on the schedule page after they’re finished (i.e., where lecture recordings currently appear). Please create a zoom account and practice joining/hosting meetings with your friends. Please note that live lectures may prove to be problematic, and if that’s not going smoothly then I will post pre-recorded lectures.

2 Exercises/quizzes

Since all assignments have always been released/returned/graded online, the procedure for that will remain unchanged.

3 Office Hours:

Brunelle’s office hours will be conducted via zoom. Simply drop into the meeting for those.

TA office hours will be held differently. There is a new Office Hours queue tool on the course webpage. To get help during scheduled office hours, you will add yourself to the queue with a link to your personal zoom meeting room. Please just hang out in that meeting room until it’s your turn, a TA will join you. If you are working with a group, feel free to have your group members in that room with you.

4 Exams:

Exam 2 and Exam 3 are now optional for all students. If you opt out of an exam, the associated points will be re-distributed proportionally across all other assignments (exercises, quizzes, exams you haven’t opted out of). If you opt into an exam, it will be administered orally. To take the exam, register using this form. If you do not register, I will assume you have opted out. Please register for exam 2 by April 17, please register for exam 3 by April 28.