Dr. Gabriel Robins
Professor of Computer Science
Department of Computer Science
School of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Virginia

Email: GabeRobins@gmail.com
Phone: (434) 249-0809
Gabe's Vitae / Resume (NIH Biosketch)

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 6189
Charlottesville, VA 22906-6189

Honors and Awards:

  1. Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Outstanding Paper Prize, 2007

  2. Packard Foundation Fellowship, 1995-2001 ($550,000)

  3. National Science Foundation Young Investigator Award, 1994-1999 ($312,500)

  4. Best Presentation Award, IEEE International Conference on Localization and Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Torino, Italy, 2013

  5. Member of the Army Science Board, U.S. Army, 1998-2001

  6. Member of the Defense Science Study Group, U.S. Department of Defense, 1994-1995

  7. Member of the Navy Future Study (of the National Academy of Sciences), 1996-1997

  8. Walter N. Munster Endowed Chair, 1997-2002

  9. Two-year early promotion to Associate Professor (with tenure), 1996

  10. Promotion to Full Professor (with tenure), 2002

  11. Faculty Mentor Award, UVa School of Engineering, 1997

  12. All-University Outstanding Teaching Award, University of Virginia, 1994-1995

  13. University Teaching Fellowship, University of Virginia, 1995-1996

  14. Faculty Appreciation Award, Virginia Engineering Foundation, 1998

  15. Award for "Tireless Dedication to Improving the Department in All Aspects", Department of Computer Science, 1998

  16. Web Team Award - "In Appreciation for Founding and Leading the Department's Excellent Web Team for 6 Years", 2001

  17. Member of the Faculty Senate, University of Virginia, 1999-2002

  18. Member of the School of Engineering Faculty Council, University of Virginia, 1999-2002

  19. Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, 2000-2005

  20. Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2007-present

  21. Expert Witness for major software and intellectual property litigations, 1996-present

  22. Invited paper in IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems, 2004

  23. Nomination for Virginia state-wide (SCHEV) Outstanding Faculty Award, 1995

  24. Nomination for NSF Presidential Faculty Fellows Award, 1995-1996

  25. National Science Foundation Research Initiation Award, 1993

  26. Nomination for ACM Best Dissertation Award, 1992

  27. IBM Graduate Fellowship, 1991-1992

  28. Distinguished Paper Award, IEEE International Conference on Computer-Aided Design, 1990

  29. Nomination for Best Paper Award, Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference, Hong Kong, January 1999.

  30. Distinguished Teaching Award, UCLA, 1989

  31. Chancellor's Distinguished Honor Award

  32. University of California Regents Scholarship

  33. Dean's list (10 times)

  34. Top ranked by students at "Rate My Professor" (RateMyProfessor.com)

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