CS6160 - Theory of Computation, UVa

Our TAs are:
TA: Siva Sivaraman

TA: Rachel Wicks

TA: Elli Veer

TA: Curtis Kahn 

TA: Austin Chen

TA: Akhil Indurti

Prof: Gabriel Robins
      Office: 406 Rice Hall
      Office phone: (434) 982-2207
      Office hours: right after each class meeting
                    (or by appointment or by Email)

We have several TAs and graders, as listed above. Below are the office hours (OH) schedules of the course TAs (the TAs office hours are also posted here), including weekly problem-solving sessions over pizza.

Please feel free to come to any of their office hours and problem-solving sessions, and the TAs will be very happy to help you and answer all your questions.

The TAs are also available at other times by appointment (please Email a TA to make a special appointment). In case you are out of town, you can also arrange with the TAs to speak to them over the phone, or through Skype / Facetime, etc.