Algorithms Students,

The take-home Midterm Exam will be available (downloadable from Collab) during the time window of Sat Oct 26 through Wed Oct 30. You will have six contiguous hours to work on it at your convenience (which will enable you to flexibly schedule your CS6161 exam around your other obligations).

This will be a take-home open-book, open notes, pledged exam. No collaborations, no Web searches, no Web posts, and no communications with others will be allowed during the exam.

Most of the exam questions will come directly from the Problem Sets posted to the class Web site (as well as possibly the extra-credit problems discussed in class or in the slides), or will be minor variations thereof. This will also be true about the final exam, so please continue to solve lots of problems from these problem sets throughout the semester, work in study groups, etc. Additional logistical details will be posted when the exam is ready for pickup, and the TAs will maintain the normal office hours schedule during the exam period.

Also, here are some additional books, including some great books on job searching and interviewing strategies / advice - hopefully these will help you in your career.



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