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Faculty members earn recognition from University

From Cavalier Daily
April 26, 1995
By Kate Kofteci
R eveling in the aura of Jeffersonian learning, several University faculty members received recognition last night for their teaching excellence at the University-Wide Teaching Awards Banquet in the Rotunda Dome Room.

The event was "in celebration of teaching," Teaching Resources Center Coordinator Annamarie Black said.

ceremony honoring winners, including professors from various schools and departments.

Five faculty members received the All-University Outstanding Teacher Award.

Gabriel Robins, a computer science professor from the Engineering School, received the Outstanding Teacher Award and the University Teaching Fellows Award. "I didn't really expect to win both of them," Robins said.

Engineering School Dean Richard Miksad was enthusiastic about Robins' teaching abilities.

"He's one of our brightest young faculty members, an effective concerned teacher and a great researcher," Miksad said. "He shows that the saying 'Good researchers make bad professors' is a lie. "I had a lot of good advice from my senior faculty."

"He brings enthusiasm into the classroom and generates enthusiasm in his students," he said.

"Now that I've won the award, I'll have to try to live up to the expectations," Robins added.

Education School Prof. Brenda Loyd shared the All-University Outstanding Teacher Award.

"I'm absolutely delighted," Loyd said. "Teaching has always been something I do, so this is just a bonus."

She said she tries to put the students first in her classroom. "It's mostly that I care about the students," she added. "I want them to have an understanding of the underlying assumptions and basic theory of statistics."

Several friends, colleagues and students wrote their reflections about the award-winning professors in a pamphlet distributed out at the banquet.

"His ability to dissect, explain and resolve difficult question is broad, and the understanding of an issue that he conveys in class is always rooted in sensitivity to the particular problem confronted that day," third-year Law student Mary Elizabeth Magill wrote about award-winning Law Prof. John Jeffries.

Jeffries won the Alumni Association Distinguished Professor Award.

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Awards, the Alumni Board of Trustees Teacher Award and the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia Outstanding Faculty Award.

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