Dr. Gabriel Robins
Professor of Computer Science
Department of Computer Science
School of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Virginia

Email: GabeRobins at gmail.com
Phone: (434) 249-0809
Gabe's Vitae / Resume (NIH Biosketch)

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 6189
Charlottesville, VA 22906-6189


  1. A Brief History of Computing [Powerpoint]

  2. A Brief History of Computing [PDF]

  3. Applied Algorithms and Optimization [Powerpoint]

  4. RFID Object Localization (short version) [Powerpoint]

  5. RFID Object Localization (long version) [Powerpoint]

  6. Algorithmic Analysis of Human DNA Replication Timing from Discrete Microarray Data [Powerpoint]

  7. New Directions in Reliability, Security and Privacy in Radio Frequency Identification Systems (Dec 2007) [Powerpoint]

  8. New Directions in Detection, Security and Privacy for RFID (Ph.D. proposal) [Powerpoint]

  9. The Practicality of Multi-Tag RFID Systems [Powerpoint]

  10. Physically Unclonable Function -Based Security and Privacy in RFID Systems [Powerpoint]

  11. Randomized PRF Tree Walking Algorithm for Secure RFID [Powerpoint]

  12. New Approaches to Analyzing Biological Sequences [Powerpoint]

  13. Multiple Sequence Alignment by Iterative Tree-Neighbor Alignments [Powerpoint]

  14. A Web-based Tool for Visual Identification of Novel Genes [Powerpoint]

  15. A Distributed System for Biological Sequence Analyses [Powerpoint]

  16. Quantum Algorithms for the Moving-Target Traveling Salesperson Problem [Powerpoint]

  17. Improved Steiner Tree Approximations in Graphs [Powerpoint]

  18. Hierarchical Dummy Fill for Process Uniformity [Powerpoint]

  19. Closing the Smoothness and Uniformity Gap in Area Fill Synthesis (long version) [Powerpoint]

  20. Closing the Smoothness and Uniformity Gap in Area Fill Synthesis (short version) [Powerpoint]

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