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Research Sponsors

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The funding agencies listed below maintain WWW sites containing information of interest to researchers in all fields of science and technology. These should be helpful in assisting faculty, students, and companies in identifying research funding and scholarships opportunities.

This page was conceived by Professor Gabriel Robins. Please email all comments, suggestions, and additions to Regretably, we are not able to respond to requests for assistance finding grants.

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Government Agencies

Logo National Science Foundation
Grants and Program Areas
Logo Department of Health and Human Services
Logo National Institute of Health
NIH via Community of Science
Logo Department of Energy
Logo Department of Defense
  Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) (via Fedix)

Army Research Laboratory (ARL)

The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)

Office of Naval Research (ONR)(via Fedix)

Naval Command Control & Ocean Surveillance Center RDT&E Division (NRaD)

Logo Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Logo Department of Commerce
Commerce Dept. Bureaus
Logo National Institute of Standards & Technology
NIST Advanced Technology Program
NIST AIP via Community of Science
Logo Department of Education
Money Matters
Logo Department of Transportation
Logo Department of Agriculture
Community of Science guide to USDA resources
Logo Small Business Administration
Financing your business
Logo Federal Aviation Administration Technical Center
Logo Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Funding Opportunities
Logo National Endowment for the Humanities
NEH Grants
Logo Environmental Protection Agency
Logo National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Procurement Office
High Performance Computing and Communications Program
Federal Acquisition Jumpstation
Logo NRC Research Associateship Programs
Logo White House Fellowships

Foundations and Associations

Logo Fulbright Scholars Program
Logo IREX - International Researcher Exchange
Logo Packard Foundation
Logo AT&T Foundation
Logo Sloan Foundation
Logo John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Logo Foundation Center
Logo Rotary Foundation
  Ada Project: resources for women
Logo National Alliance for Excellence
Logo Benton Foundation
Logo George Lucas Educational Foundation
  John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
Logo Mitsubishi Electronic America Foundation
Logo Whitaker Foundation
Logo Carnegie Foundation
Logo Charles A. Dana Foundation
Logo Microsoft Research
Logo Sun Microsystems collaborative research
Logo American Heart Association
Logo American Psychological Association Funding Programs
Logo Energy Research Clearing House
Logo U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation
Logo Center for Field Research at Earthwatch
Logo National Council for the Social Studies
Logo IFCC-AVL Awards; for advances in critical care testing
Logo National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance

Other WWW Links

Logo Community of Science
Federal Register
Commerce Business Daily
Logo FedWorld
Logo Engineering Coalition of Schools for Excellence in Education and Leadership
Logo National Technology Transfer Center
Logo American Society for Engineering Education
Logo Non-Profits Resource Center
Logo Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology
Logo Education and Cultural Exchanges
Logo Galaxy: Engineering and Technology
Logo Polaris Grants Central
Logo Yahoo: Education/Financial_Aid/Grants/

Searchable Grants Databases

Logo Searchable NASA Procurement WWW Servers
Logo Federal Information Exchange
Logo Defense Information Systems Agency
Logo State and Federal Grants
Logo Community of Science

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