Tentative Schedule

CS 6888 - Spring 2023

Program Analysis
and its Applications

Week Topic Due
Week 1 Introduction to Program Analysis
Week 2 Testing Landscape Q#1
Week 3 Testing Principles Q#2
Week 4 Automated Testing HW#1: Automated test generation
Week 5 Symbolic Execution Q#3
Week 6 Oracles Q#4
Week 7 Fault Isolation HW#2: Symbolic Exec.
Spring Recess
Week 8 Static Analysis Q#5
Week 9 Static Analysis HW#3: Fault Isolation
Week 10 Model Checking Q#6
Week 11 Domain Specific Analyses: Robotics HW#4: Static Analysis
Week 12 Domain Specific Analyses: DNNs Project Proposal
Week 13 Project
Week 14 Project
Week 15 Project Presentations