Saba Eskandarian

University of Virginia

Department of Computer Science

Graduate Student



About Me

I am completing my masters in my fourth year at the University of Virginia after completing my B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in Applied Mathematics in my first 3 years. I am interested in Cryptography, Computational Complexity, Hardness of Approximation, Applied Cryptography, and Security. My advisor is professor Mohammad Mahmoody.


Below are short descriptions of some of my recent projects that I'm excited about. I hope you will share in my excitement: hover over each project title for a description and links to any relevant documents.

Cryptography from Physical Assumptions: Physically Uncloneable Functions

Exploring Algorithmic Properties of Depth-Robust Graphs

Computational Power of the Automata Processor

Analysis of Locking Scripts in the Bitcoin Blockchain

Optimizing Tree-Based ORAM Constructions


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