Spring 2016

I am teaching CS4102 Algorithms in the Spring semester.

In 2013, I was among 5 professors selected from across the university by the U. of Virginia student council to present a general topic to the student body in the “Look Hoos Talking” event. I choose to introduce cryptography, and you can see the attempt in this youtube video, Gur zlfgvdhr bs pelcgb.


Prior semesters

  • 14f,15s,15f (Sabbatical)
  • 14S Privacy Enhancing Technology

    I also supervise CS1501: Quick introduction to Nodejs, run by student Michael Paris and run from github!

  • 13f-4102 Algorithms
  • 13s-6161 Algorithms (graduate)
  • 12f-4501 Computer security
  • 12s-8501 Seminar on CCA2 encryption
  • 11f-4501 Advanced Algorithms and Implementation
  • 11f-4102 Algorithms
  • 11s (leave)
  • 10f-3102 Theory of Computation
  • 10s-6501 Introduction to Cryptography
  • 09f-4102 Algorithms
  • 09s-661 Algorithms (grad)
  • 08f-432 Algorithms
  • 08s Seminar
  • 07f-651 Intro to Cryptography