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CS 854: Advanced Computer Architecture
A Microprocessor Survey
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This WWWPage is the result of an Advanced Computer Architecture course involving a survey of the architecture and organization of some current high performance microprocessors. We are the group that surveyed the Intel-HP IA-64 microarchitecture / Itanium processor. This page is meant purely as a reference with links to documents dealing with the IA-64 Architecture and the Itanium processor.

Intel & Hewlett Packard DOCUMENTATION

Instruction Set

  1. IA-64 Instruction Set Architecture Guide
  2. Itanium Architecture Software Developer's Manuals
  3. IA-64 Software Conventions and Runtime Architecture
  4. Using Intel Itanium Processor Instruction Set (Tutorial)
  5. Getting Software Ready for Intel Itanium Architecture (Tutorial)
  6. Intel Itanium Architecture Assembly Language Reference Guide
  7. Intel Itanium Assembler User's Guide
  8. Software Conventions & Runtime Architecture Guide for Itanium-based System
  9. Understanding the Itanium Processor Architecture's ISA
  10. Developers Interface Guide for IA-64 Servers.
  11. Next Generation Instruction Set Architecture
  12. Tutorial for Hardware, OS, and Application Developers
  13. Preparing Your HP-UX Software for IA-64 (Presentation)
  14. Preparing HP-UX Software for IA-64 (Technical Paper)
  1. Itanium Processor Microarchitecture Reference
  2. Itanium Processor Microarchitecture & Performance Optimization (Intel Presentation)
  3. Itanium Microarchitecture Design (Intel Presentation)
  4. Introducing the Intel Itanium Architecture (Tutorial)
  5. IA-64 Architecture Disclosures
  6. IA-64 Architecture Innovations
  7. Overview of IA-64 Architecture
  8. Cache Tech Brief for Itanium Processor Family Architecture
  1. Optimizing Intel Itanium Architecture Applications: Making the Most of Itanium Compilers (Tutorial)
  2. OS and Compiler Considerations in the Design of the IA-64 Architecture
Itanium Systems
  1. Designing Highly Scalable Systems for the Itanium Processor
  2. Architecture of a High-end SMP Server System
  3. Itanium Processor Based System Overview
General Stuff
  1. IA-64 Technology Overview (Presentation)
  2. Epic, IA-64, and Merced; What's it all about? (Presentation)
  3. Introduction to the Tahoe Architecture (Presentation)
  4. IA-64 Glossary

All of the documents that are presented here (and some others) from Intel and HP are also on these sites:
Intel's IA-64 WWWPage
HP's IA-64 WWWPage


IEEE Micro

  1. Jerry Huck et al., "Introducing the IA-64 Architecture", Sept - Oct. 2000.
  2. Nohn Quach, "High Availability and Reliability in the Itanium Processor", Sept - Oct. 2000.
  3. Harsh Sharangpani, Ken Arora, "Itanium Processor Microarchitecuture", Sept - Oct. 2000.
  4. John Crawford, "Introducing the Itanium Processors", Sept - Oct. 2000.
  5. Jay Bharadwaj et al, "The Intel IA-64 Compiler Code Generator", Sept - Oct. 2000.
  6. Fumio Aono, Masayuki Kimura, "The Azusa 16-Way Itanium Server", Sept - Oct. 2000.
  7. David Sehr et al.,"An Advanced Optimized for the IA-64 Architecture", Nov - Dec 2000.
  8. Srinivas Venkataraman, et al., "The IA-64 Itanium Processor Cartridge", Jan - Feb. 2001.
  1. Linley Gwennap. "First Merced Patent Surfaces Intel", Vol . 11 , No. 4, March 31 1997.
  2. Linely Gwennap "Intel, HP Make EPIC Disclosure IA-64", Vol. 11, No. 14, Oct 27, 1997.
  3. Peter Song, "Demystifying EPIC and IA-64", Jan 26, 1998.
  4. Linely Gwennap, "Intel Discloses New IA-64 Features", March 8, 1999.
  5. Linely Gwennap, "IA-64:A Parallel Instruction Set", Vol. 13, No. 7, May 31, 1999.
  6. Linely Gwennap, "Merced Shows Innovative Design", Vol. 13, No. 13, Oct. 6, 1999.
  7. Martin Hopkins, "A Critical Look at IA-64", Feb. 7, 2000.
  8. Keith Diefendorff, "HP, Intel Complete IA-64 Rollout", April 10, 2000.

  1. Itanium Processor: High Performance On Security Algorithms
  2. Itanium Processor Family System Abstraction Layer (SAL) Specification
  3. Itanium Processor Family Error Handling Guide

Itanium: An EPIC Architecture - The presentation in PDF format

Comments & QUESTIONS

  Some questions that were raised during our presentation. If you have answers, please send us E-Mail.
  HP hosts an online discussion forum on the Itanium here    


Links to similar webpages dealing with other processors that were surveyed during the course.
The Alpha 21264
The Intel-Pentium III & The AMD Athlon
The Intel-Pentium 4

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