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OpenMP input [http://www.cs.virginia.edu/~lgs9a/rodinia/heart_wall/srad/hw_srad_openmp_input.tar.gz hw_srad_openmp_input.tar.gz].
OpenMP input [http://www.cs.virginia.edu/~lgs9a/rodinia/heart_wall/srad/hw_srad_openmp_input.tar.gz hw_srad_openmp_input.tar.gz].
previous CUDA code [http://people.virginia.edu/~sc5nf/srad_gpu.tar.gz srad_gpu.tar.gz].
previous CUDA code [http://people.virginia.edu/~sc5nf/srad_gpu.tar.gz srad_gpu.tar.gz].

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Rodinia applications and kernels

NOTE: We are making efforts to package our applications in ways more convenient to users, including 
a single download package, friendly input arguements, NVIDIA-style makefiles, sample running command, 
more documentations, etc. It is expected to be ready soon. -- message posted on Nov 17, 2009


CUDA and OpenMP code leukocyte_Linux.tar.gz

Video file for test testfile.avi.gz (146 MB)

Heart Wall


CUDA code hw_srad_cuda_code.tar.gz.

CUDA input hw_srad_cuda_input.tar.gz.

OpenMP code hw_srad_openmp_code.tar.gz.

OpenMP input hw_srad_openmp_input.tar.gz.

previous CUDA code srad_gpu.tar.gz.

previous OpenMP code srad_openmp.tar.gz


CUDA code hw_tracking_cuda_code.tar.gz

CUDA input hw_tracking_cuda_input.tar.gz

OpenMP code hw_tracking_openmp_code.tar.gz

OpenMP input hw_tracking_openmp_input.tar.gz

Common input input.tar.gz (19.8 MB)


CUDA and OpenMP code -- mummergpu.tar.gz

CFD Solver

CUDA and OpenMP code: aiaa.tar.gz

Input files: cfd_input.tar.gz

LU Decomposition

CUDA and OpenMP code -- lud.tar.gz

Input files -- lud_data.tar.gz (26 MB)


CUDA code hotspot_gpu.tar.gz

OpenMP code hotspot_openmp.tar.gz

The whole package of HotSpot 5.0 can be downloaded from this link.

Back Propagation

CUDA and OpenMP code backprop_gpu_cpu.tar.gz


CUDA code needle_gpu.tar.gz

OpenMP code needle_openmp.tar.gz


CUDA code kmeans_gpu.tar.gz

OpenMP code kmeans_openmp.tar.gz

Input file kmeans_input.tar.gz

Northwestern MineBench: MineBench

Graph traversal

CUDA code bfs_cuda.tar.gz

OpenMP code bfs_openmp.tar.gz

Input file graph_input.tar.gz (24 MB)


CUDA and OpenMP code streamcluster.tar.gz


CPU and GPU code SimilarityScore.zip Mars

- The multi-threaded CPU code currently uses Win APIs rather than OpenMP.

Other Applications

Nearest Neighbor

CUDA code nn_cuda.tar.gz

OpenMP code nn_openmp.tar.gz

Gaussian Elimination

CUDA code gaussian.tar.gz


CUDA code cell_cuda.tar.gz


CUDA code dynproc.tar.gz

Hybrid Sort

CUDA and CPU code GPUSort.zip

Applications Hard to Parallelize


CUDA code myocyte_cuda_code.tar.gz

CUDA input myocyte_cuda_input.tar.gz

OpenMP code myocyte_openmp_code.tar.gz

OpenMP input myocyte_openmp_input.tar.gz