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SQL project webpage: [http://pbbakkum.com/db/ http://pbbakkum.com/db/]
SQL project webpage: [http://pbbakkum.com/db/ http://pbbakkum.com/db/]
===Particle Filter===
The version interfacing with Matlab: [http://people.virginia.edu/~mjt5v/pf/Final%20Release/ particle_filter_v1]
CUDA and OpenMP code: [http://people.virginia.edu/~mjt5v/pf/Older%20Build/ particle_filter_v2]
Matlab code [http://people.virginia.edu/~mjt5v/pf/Matlab/  particle_filter_matlab]

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Rodinia applications and inputs

To download Rodinia applications, please go to the Rodinia webpage

Note: We are still making adjustments to this package. Also, due to the license issue of Similarity Score, please go to Mars to download the code.

SQL Database

SQL project webpage: http://pbbakkum.com/db/

Particle Filter

The version interfacing with Matlab: particle_filter_v1 CUDA and OpenMP code: particle_filter_v2 Matlab code particle_filter_matlab


The SRAD implementation with image inputs:

CUDA code hw_srad_cuda_code.tar.gz

CUDA input hw_srad_cuda_input.tar.gz

OpenMP code hw_srad_openmp_code.tar.gz

OpenMP input hw_srad_openmp_input.tar.gz