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Rodinia applications and inputs

Rodinia applications and inputs rodinia_1.0.tar.gz

Note: We are still making adjustments to this package. Also, due to the license issue of Similarity Score, please go to Mars to download the code.

Other Applications

Nearest Neighbor

CUDA code nn_cuda.tar.gz

OpenMP code nn_openmp.tar.gz

Gaussian Elimination

CUDA code gaussian.tar.gz


CUDA code cell_cuda.tar.gz


CUDA code dynproc.tar.gz

Hybrid Sort

CUDA and CPU code

Applications Hard to Parallelize


CUDA code myocyte_cuda_code.tar.gz

CUDA input myocyte_cuda_input.tar.gz

OpenMP code myocyte_openmp_code.tar.gz

OpenMP input myocyte_openmp_input.tar.gz