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Package Structure:

       rodinia_1.0/bin : binary executables
       rodinia_1.0/common : common configuration file
       rodinia_1.0/cuda : source code for the CUDA implementations
       rodinia_1.0/data : input files
       rodinia_1.0/openmp : source code for the OpenMP implementations

Build Rodinia:

       1. Install the NVIDIA CUDA driver, SDK and toolkit on your machine. The programs have been tested under CUDA 2.2 and GCC 4.2.4
       2. Modify the rodinia_1.0/common/make.config file to change the settings of rodinia home directory, CUDA toolkit path and CUDA SDK path.
       3. To compile all the programs of the Rodinia benchmark suite, simply use the universal make file to compile all the programs, or go to each benchmark directory and make individual programs. Some programs also include a makefile for users who prefer to the NVIDIA style make file to compile GPU programs.

Run Rodinia:

There is a 'run' file specifying the sample command to run each program.