The name ShiftLab is inspired by the term “Paradigm Shift”, popularized by Thomas Kuhn in his famous book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. Take a look at the slides on "How to Do Great Research" to get a summary of the book.

Mission Statement

We live in a society where data-centric computation is disrupting all aspects of our lives. With the rising volumes of data, our systems must be able to store, analyze, and transform massive amount of data for useful computation. Unfortunately, computation nowadays is bottlenecked by data storage and movement. The mission of the ShiftLab is to design new computing systems with a balanced focus on memory and compute for future data intensive applications.


The goal of ShiftLab is to design new systems to initiate a paradigm shift with a primary focus on:

(i) Rethinking and redesigning our current data and computation model

(ii) Designing applications, systems, and hardware in a holistic manner


Redesign load-compute-store model for future computing systems

Integrate persistent memory in future systems


See the current list of publication here.

Join Us

We are always looking for creative, ambitious, motivated, and hard working students to join our team. Please contact at samirakhan@virginia.edu. Please apply for the post-doc positions here.