Activity — Check-in

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You have 10 minutes to complete this activity. To facilitate your conversation, you may want to delegate a timekeeper to ensure you get to all of the tasks.

Note: you will be randomly grouped. The team members may be different from the team you previously worked with. Let's make new friends.


  1. Using the two-breath rule, introduce yourself, share your name, major(s), the year you are in, one (or two) interesting thing(s) about you
    • You may find something unique about your team, something in common, or something funny or awesome about your team -- be creative!
  2. Refer to the course website, work with your team, download and complete either a crossword or a word search (and have fun!)
    • Be prepared to share your solution to the class
    • Be prepared to ask (class-related) questions
  3. Login to  Piazza  and post a short introduction as a followup discussion in the  "A bit about myself (and my team)"  note.
    • Tell us your name, your major, the year you are in, where you are from, your career goals, why you are taking this class, and what you expect to learn
    • Tell us one interesting thing about yourself (that's probably not in your CV and you would like to share)
    • [optional, but strongly encouraged] Include a picture of yourself, and embed it inline (this will help us learn your name)
    • Tell us about your teams or new friends you made today
      • Their names
      • The interesting thing(s) about your team(s) or your new friend(s)
    [added 24-May] Note: There seems to be an issue with Piazza. If you have not been enrolled, please visit and enroll yourself in.