Activity — "Thing" in the World and "Object" in Web App

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You have 10 minutes to complete this activity. To facilitate your conversation, you may want to delegate a timekeeper to ensure you get to all of the tasks.

Note: you will be randomly grouped. The team members may be different from the team you previously worked with. Let's make new friends.


  1. Please locate your team (below), and then click on the link to the worksheet to work with your team.
  2. Using the two-breath rule, introduce yourself, share your name, major(s), the year you are in, one (or two) interesting thing(s) about you
    • You may find something unique about your team, something in common, or something funny or awesome about your team -- be creative!
  3. Work with your team to complete the worksheet.
    • Be prepared to share your discussion to the class

Team 1: link to worksheet
Team 2: link to worksheet
Team 3: link to worksheet
Team 4: link to worksheet
Team 5: link to worksheet