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Vijay Srinivasan defended his Ph.D. December, 2011
CBC Radio interview with Jie Liu and I, November, 2011
Ginger Smith received honorable mention for the CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award. November, 2011
Andreas Terzis and I are organizing the IPSN 2012 Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks for April, 2010
Turn On the Server. It's Cold Inside. Nov 26, 2011
Trane is funding our research on occupancy sensing in commercial buildings. November, 2011
Rajesh Gupta and I organized the BuildSys 2011 Workshop On Embedded Sensing Systems For Energy-Efficiency In Buildings. November, 2011
Jiakang Lu defended his Ph.D. and is headed to Microsoft Azure. November, 2011
Tim Hnat defended his Ph.D. and is headed to U. Memphis. October, 2011
Pedro Marron and I organized the EWSN 2011 European Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks. October, 2011
Jargon Watch: Pitstops, War-Texting, Data Furnace. Nov 1, 2011
Steamy Cloud Servers Installed In Homes and Businesses Could Be Used As Furnaces. July 25, 2011
Microsoft Suggests Heating Homes With "Data Furnaces". July 26, 2011
Why Waste Servers' Heat?. July 23, 2011
Will Your Next Furnace Be A Server Farm? July 2010
"Data Furnace" Would Heat Homes While Flipping Bits. July 25, 2011
How to heat your home with a data furnace. July 29, 2011
Microsoft suggests heating your home with Data Furnaces. July 26, 2011
Data furnace idea warms homes, crunches bits and bytes. July 25, 2011
Cloud computing is a lot of hot air (and it can heat your house). July 25, 2011
Where There's Smoke, There's a Signal. June, 2011
"Breadcrumb" Routers Are A Firefighter's New Best Friend. June, 2011
Tracking And Rescuing Firefighters With Disposable "Bread Crumb" Routers. June 23, 2011
Wireless 'Breadcrumbs' That Won't Become Toast When Baked...or Soggy When Hosed. June, 2011
U.Va. Researchers Secure $2 Million National Science Foundation Grant to Smart Energy Systems. September, 2010
UVa gets grant for 'smart building' research. Sept, 2010
'Smart building' team earns grant. September 24, 2010
Our energy cconservation project was on the evening news (video). September, 2010
The NSF funded our work on smart buildings. July, 2010
The NSF funded our work on body sensor networks. July, 2010
Tamim Sookoor was awarded the SMART fellowship. June, 2010
The NSF funded our work on run-time assurance. May, 2010
Tamim Sookoor passed the Ph.D. proposal defense. May, 2010
Jing Yang passed the Ph.D. proposal defense. March, 2010
Jiakang Lu accepted an internship at Philips Research. October, 2009
The NSF funded my CAREER proposal on MacroLab. January, 2009
Sensing the 'Ground Truth'. July 10, 2007
An eye on downtown merchants?. July, 2007
The NSF funded our research on dynamic binary translation for sensor networks. August, 2008
Microsoft Research funded my research on embedded debugging. August, 2007
The NSF funded our research on dynamic binary translation for embedded devices. August, 2007
Microsoft Research funded our research on the Internet of Things. August, 2007
I was awarded the UVa Excellence in Diversity Fellowship. September, 2006
I was awarded the Siebel Foundation fellowship. September, 2005
I was awarded the UC Bekeley GOF fellowship. September, 2004
I was awarded the NDSEG graduate fellowship. September, 2000
I was awarded the NSF graduate fellowship. September, 2000
I was awarded the James Dickson Carr 4-year scholarship. September, 1996


All courses are now run through UVa's (internal) Collab online tool, and all course material can only be found there. Archives of previous (public) course website are below:

cs457 Computer Networks, Spring 2009
cs851 Special Topics in Wireless Sensor Networks, Fall 2008
cs457 Computer Networks, Spring 2008
cs651 Programming Paradigms for Wireless Embedded Systems, Fall 2007
cs457 Computer Networks, Spring 2007
cs651 From Sensors to Scientists: Applications of Sensor Networks, Fall 2006.

The MetroNet project got some media coverage from UVA Inside and The Cavalier Daily!

The IPSN '07 Extreme Sensing competition took place April 26, 2007 at the MIT media lab, and the website now contains pictures and videos.

MatlabControl allows you to call Matlab functions from Java (without restarting Matlab for each new function call). This is different from the Mathwork's built-in Java support, which lets you call Java functions from within Matlab.

GenericClass is a perl script (with corresponding matlab files) that you can run over your Matlab @class directory. It overrides the default matlab object behavior to give you Java-like inheritance and syntax in Matlab. It also adds the function names, field names and their values to the 'disp' value of the object. GenericClass can be useful when engineering large Matlab projects, because Matlab objects do not handle inheritance sufficiently and it is difficult to have nested objects because of the clumsy syntax, ie. set(obj,'field', value).