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The MetroNet project will consist of sensors deployed in the storefront windows of downtown Charlottesville. The sensors will count people as they pass by a store or walk into a store, in order to provide empirical data to the shopkeepers about the effects of advertising, window displays, weather, etc. on pedestrian business.

The goal of MetroNet is to provide an exercise in data sharing; if the shopkeepers are willing to share data, it could be used by pedestrians to see the popularity of a particular concert, by other shopkeepers to calibrate their own data, by city planners to estimate the effects of vehicular traffic on the downtown mall, by real estate customers to estimate the value of individual properties, etc. The key to MetroNet will be to provide the framework necessary to (i) provide incentives to shopkeepers for data sharing (ii) make it easy for shopkeepers to share data, and (iii) provide privacy mechanisms for sharing only aspects of the data.


We currently have a mock-up of two downtown stores with sensors that monitor the number of people that walk in front of and into each of the two stores. Because there are two stores, each store can use the data from the other store to help normalize its data. Furthermore, town residents can combine the public data from each store to help estimate the overall activity in the downtown pedestrian mall. This mock-up was presented in the demo session of IPSN 2008.


StreamLab is an experimental interface which allows users to read sensor streams, perform stream operations on them, and publish the results as new sensors on the Microsoft SenseMap interface. Click below to try the demo.

Source Code

StreamLab 0.10.a source

StreamLab requires PHP5.2, Apache server, Python 2.4 + Twisted Libraries

StreamFeeds source (coming soon)


The InsideUVA newspaper and the Daily Progress have written articles about MetroNet.


This project is currently funded by Microsoft Research


Robert Dickerson, Jiakang Lu, Jian Lu, and Kamin Whitehouse. Stream Feeds - An Abstraction for the World Wide Sensor Web. Conference on the Internet of Things (IOT) 2008. March 26-28. Zurich, Switzerland.

Robert F. Dickerson, Jiakang Lu, Jingyuan Li, Billy Chantree, Jian Lu, John A. Stankovic, Kamin Whitehouse. MetroNet: Case Study for Collaborative Data Sharing on the World Wide Web. The Seventh International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks, 2007 (IPSN '07).

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