CS4501-001: Privacy in the Internet Age, Fall 2021

Course Description

This course provides an in-depth look into privacy issues on the Internet and introduces privacy enhancing technologies. We will cover topics such as anonymous communications, traffic analysis and location privacy. We will also examine the trade-offs between security and privacy, and the interactions with other fields such as machine learning and policy.


CS2150. Some background in cybersecurity (CS3710) and computer networks (CS4457) will be helpful but not required.

Course Schedule

Tentative schedule, subject to change.

Dates Topic Notes
Wed 8/25 Intro
Mon 8/30 Background
Wed 9/1 Privacy issues with IP
Mon 9/6 Anonymity systems HW1 out
Wed 9/8 Website fingerprinting
Mon 9/13 Censorship techniques
Wed 9/15 Censorship measurement Quiz 1
Mon 9/20 Censorship circumvention
Wed 9/22 DNS privacy
Mon 9/27 IoT privacy HW1 due, HW2 out
Wed 9/29 Guest lecture Natasha Zhang Foutz
Mon 10/4 Online tracking
Wed 10/6 CDN privacy Quiz 2
Mon 10/11 (Reading Days)
Wed 10/13 Data privacy 1 HW2 due
Mon 10/18 Data privacy 2
Wed 10/20 Machine learning and privacy HW3 out
Mon 10/25 Guest lecture (Alastair Nottingham)
Wed 10/27 Privacy and cryptocurrency Quiz 3
Mon 11/1 MPC and CryptDB
Wed 11/3 Security and privacy challenges HW3 due
Mon 11/8 New Internet architecture Project team/topic due
Wed 11/10 ISP privacy
Mon 11/15 Privacy policy
Wed 11/17 Privacy and user study
Mon 11/22 Summary (and trivia)
Wed 11/24 (Thanksgiving)
Mon 11/29 Project Presentation
Wed 12/1 Project Presentation
Mon 12/6 Project Presentation Last day of class
Wed 12/15 Final report due


Late Policy

All assignments are due via Collab at 11:59pm on the due date.

Communication and Logistics

There is no textbook for the course that you need to purchase. We will distribute materials as needed.

There are several sites for the course that you can utilize:

Please direct all course-related questions to Piazza (or go to office hours). If you want to discuss other topics or have personal/team issues that can and should only be handled by a professor, please email me directly (ys3kz).

COVID Policies FAQ

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