Introduce myself......

Rick Hetherington (Rick.Hetherington@Eng.Sun.COM)
Fri, 20 Sep 1996 14:19:01 -0700

A quick introduction to the memory 'systems' streams group. My
name is Rick Hetherington and I have been designing cache amd memory
systems as long as I care to remember, most recently at Digital where
I struggled to get respectable memory bandwidth on the 8400 and 4100
servers, and if we go back a bit, the VAX9000 which still shows up on
the STREAM Benchmark Result list. At SUN, I am a senior staff engineer
at SME in Sunnyvale working on the same issues I dealt with in the past.

If anyone listening has a mail folder with past communciation on this
topic, I would appreciate a forward of that material. My vitals appear
below and welcome any contact from the rest of the group.

Regards, Rick

Rick Hetherington
Sun Microelectronics
410 Mary Ave
Sunnyvale, Ca. 94043
tel: (408) 328-8936
fax: (408) 774-2099