another introduction

Sharad Mehrotra (Sharad.Mehrotra@Eng.Sun.COM)
Fri, 20 Sep 1996 19:17:34 -0700

Hi all:

Following Rick's lead, I too would like to take the
opportunity to introduce myself. I have recently
re-entered the workforce after completing my Ph.D.
in Computer Science at UIUC. While at Illinois, I
worked at CSRD, the birthplace of the Cedar machine
and the Perfect Club benchmarks. Prior to returning
to graduate school, I did logic and circuit design
at Silicon Systems, Inc. in Southern California.

At Sun, I work on a CPU team architecting a future
UltraSparc. My research interests are in CPU design,
VLSI, and compilation. I look forward to enjoying
fruitful discussions with you all.

btw, the "email archives" link of the STREAM page at
is broken!

Sharad Mehrotra
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