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If you are interested in

then we invite you to apply and attend this summer workshop on the attraction and engagement of middle and high school students to computer science.

Thanks to the National Science Foundation and the University of Virginia, the workshop will be tuition-free with lodging and meals provided. Honorariums of $1,000 will assist attendees with time and travel costs, and show appreciation for their participation in the assessment of the workshop program and activities.

The workshop begins on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 8 and finishes the morning of Thursday, July 10.

The goals of the workshop are to share strategies, practices, and good ideas for teaching computer science. During the workshop, you will also learn about our department's strong commitment to undergraduate education.

Workshop participants will

Please contact Peggy Reed at 434.982.2394 if help is needed or there are questions to be answered.



Development and running of the workshop has been sponsored by the National Science Foundation (grant 0739254) and by the UVA School of Engineering and Applied Science and its Department of Computer Science. Their assistance is greatly appreciated.