Package <Unnamed>

Class Summary
Creature This class represents a Creature within our game.
Descriptions This class allows for the random generation of words for the game: room adjectives ('stinky', 'carpeted', etc.), room types ('hallway', 'attic', etc.), monster names ('troll', 'dragon', etc.), and weapon names ('katana', 'sai', etc.).
Game This class contains the main() method used to run the game.
Map Note that this documentation does NOT include the private fields that you need to include in your Map class (rooms, visited, height, width, maxMonsterStrength, maxMonsterSkill, maxMonsterHitPoints, maxMonsterArmorClass, maxWeaponDamageMod, desc, and rand).
MapPrinter This class is used to print out the map to the screen.
Parser This class is used to get user input from the keyboard.
Room This class represents a Room within our game.
Weapon This class represents a Weapon within our game.