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CS 101 & 101-E

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CS 101 Slides

There is a method to the slide coloring scheme - see below.


Slide coloring scheme (the method to my madness):

  • Black slides: the regular slides
  • Green slides: where each particular class ended
  • Red slides: the humor/interest slides
  • Cloud slides: these are just topic dividers that are easy to see when it's in multiple slide view mode
  • Blue slides (the stream theme): for questions to ask the class as to how well they understood something
  • Orange (maple) slides: for program demos in JCreator

CS 101-E Meeting resources



These slides use Microsoft Powerpoint.  You can download a free PowerPoint viewer here.  Some of the slides use animations which may not print correctly.  Also, these animations may not work correctly in versions of PowerPoint prior to 2002.


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