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CS 101 & 101-E

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CS 101 Slides

A note about the coloring scheme: the regular slides are slate blue, the survey slides are bright blue, the end-of-lecture slides are green, and the humor/interesting slides are red.

Daily announcements

CS 101-E Meeting resources

April Randomizing code

April 25: Exceptions and testing J7

April 20: Test 3

April 18: Preparation test and quiz

April 13: GUIs with Windchill and quote examples

April 11: Searching and sorting

April 4: Arrays

March 30: Test 2

March 28: Preparation and review and code lab

March 23: Problem solving - design and implementation and GUIs

March 21: Iteration

March 14: Iteration

March 2:  Decision making

February 28: Decision making

February 23: Exam

February 21: Boolean and review

February 14: Staples.pptStaple,java (added functionality)

February 9:, (graphical), image

February 7: Classes

February 2: Assignment statement and objects

January 31: Calculations and input

January 26:  Codelab and Lab exploration

January 24: Program basics

January 19: Course and computing introductions




These slides use Microsoft Powerpoint.  You can download a free PowerPoint viewer here.  Some of the slides use animations which may not print correctly.  Also, these animations may not work correctly in versions of PowerPoint prior to 2002.


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