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CS655: Programming Languages, Spring 2001

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Problem Set 0: Registration Survey Out: 18 January 2001
Due: Sunday, 21 January 2001, 11:59PM

This is the only required assignemt for the entire course. You must submit a registration survey by the deadline to pass CS 655.

Send a plaintext email message to before 5:00PM on Sunday, 21 January 2001 containing the following information (numbered as shown):

  1. Your full name.
  2. Name you want me to call you (spell out phonetically if non-obvious).
  3. Status (e.g., nth year computer science grad student).
  4. URL of your home page (if you have one).
  5. Your favorite programming language.
  6. Your most hated programming language.
  7. Programming languages you know listed in the order you learned them, number of years you have used them, and any concrete experience you have (e.g., BASIC - 5 years, wrote interpreter).
  8. Why are you taking this class?
  9. What do you hope to get out of this class? (Please take the time to answer this clearly and specifically, and try not to be biased by my goals for the course presented in the first lecture. I will design the course around answers to this question.)
  10. For some of the assignments, students will be expected to work in pairs or groups. State whether (1) you would prefer to pick your own partners, or (2) you would prefer the instructor assign partners randomly.
  11. I sometimes get carried away and want to cover more material than fits into our class time. How much of an inconvenience is it for you if class goes over its allotted time occasionally?
  12. Have you ever written a program that uses functions as parameters or results?
  13. Have you ever written a function that can return one of infinitely many possible different functions?
  14. What (if anything) does "fixed point" mean to you?
  15. Who is your research advisor?
  16. What is your thesis research topic? If you have not yet settled on a topic, describe the general area you are interested in working on. (If you are not a CS graduate student, describe your interests and experience more generally.)
  17. Anything else interesting about yourself.

CS 655 University of Virginia
Department of Computer Science
CS 655: Programming Languages
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