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CS655: Programming Languages, Spring 2001

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CS655: Calendar

Scheming Schemers
Thursday, 18 JanuaryIntroduction: Computer science and why programming languages matter?
Tuesday, 23 JanuaryLanguages, Higher Order Procedures
Thursday, 25 JanuaryOf Lists and Slippery Slopes
Tuesday, 30 JanuaryMetalinguistic Abstraction
Thursday, 1 February Modifying Languages, Lazy Evaluation
Mocking Mockingbirds
Tuesday, 6 February Lambda Calculus Introduction
Thursday, 8 February Lambda Calculus Revisited
Tuesday, 13 February Making Primitives
Thursday, 15 February Fixed Points
Tuesday, 20 February Impish Imperatives
Language Design
Thursday, 22 February Introduction to Language Design
Tuesday, 27 February Algol60 and its Descendants
Thursday, 1 March Operational Semantics
Tuesday, 6 March Static Semantics and Types
Thursday, 8 March No Class
Spring Break, 10 March - 18 MarchPonder the power of Lambda and think of a Project Idea
Objecting Objectively
Tuesday, 20 March Data Abstraction
Thursday, 22 March Smalltalking About Objects
Tuesday, 27 March Inheritance and Behavioral Subtyping
Thursday, 29 March Behavioral Subtyping
Tuesday, 3 AprilObject-Oriented Pragmatics (no lecture slides)
Thursday, 5 AprilAxiomatic Semantics
Tuesday, 10 AprilProof-Carrying Code
Concurring Concurrently
Thursday, 12 AprilConcurrency Primitives
Tuesday, 17 AprilAbstractions for Concurrency, Tuple Spaces
Thursday, 19 April Teaching CS Discussion (no slides)
Tuesday, 24 April Project Presentations
Thursday, 26 April Project Presentations
PL Jeopardy
Tuesday, 1 MayWho wants to be a hecto-billionaire?

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