Friday Poem
© 30 Sep 2011 Luther Tychonievich
Licensed under Creative Commons: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0
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Friday Poem

Backlash from too many weeks of expository prose.


Untitled Poem

The Nethinims of biblic lore
  Were janitors as I suppose
But using “‍Nethinim‍” is sure
  A greater honor to impose.

Eruction is a belch, quite plain,
  But as a word is more refined;
A prandicle is more urbane
  Than snacks and fare and nosh combined.

The words we chose speak volumes flush
  As nuance after meaning wends.
Laconic choices often gush
  Long after drivel’s tortured ends.

To “‍say exactly what you mean
  with simple words and structured phrase‍”
Will choke and slay poet’s dream
  E’en though it brings the masses’ praise.

Thou plebian! Avert thine ear
  If glory strains thine empty heart,
But cease from soulless acts of fear
  That slay with malice lingual art!

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