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Friday Poem
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Friday Poem (5 November 2021): Today is an etymological holiday.

Friday Poem (22 October 2021): On the making of washi (和紙).

Three Friday Poems (8 October 2021): Speculation on what might cause people to cast war as a deity.

Friday Poem (1 October 2021): A limerick about speak-os.

Friday Poem (24 September 2021): The Cat i’ the Adage

Friday Poem (17 September 2021): Tips about tips

Friday Poem (10 September 2021): Finding good in bad times.

Friday Poem (3 September 2021): Verse inspired by a recent RPG game session.

Friday Poem (1 Sep 2017): Work to be done is work to be doing.

Friday Poem (25 Aug 2017): Are kitties cute?

Friday Poem (11 Aug 2017): Some believe that the purpose of war is to give war-like people opponents who fight back.

Friday Poem (4 Aug 2017): A self-referential acknowledgment of a long Friday Poem hiatus.

Friday Poem (20 Jan 2017): Advice for tall people about short people.

Friday Poem (13 Jan 2017): The Parable of the Pounds

Friday Poem (21 Oct 2016): What would you think about while dying?

Friday Poem (14 Oct 2016): Metaverse

Friday Poem (7 Oct 2016): Two parts of structured verse

Friday Poem (30 Sep 2016): Being different than others being different.

Friday Poem (23 Sep 2016): Plebeian nobility.

Friday Poem (16 Sep 2016): Statues failing to communicate the relative might of swords and pens.

Friday Poem (2 Sep 2016): Giraffes playing chess.

Friday Poem (19 Aug 2016): Grading myself on my ability to move in all directions.

Friday Poem (12 Aug 2016): Reflections on light, and reflections of light on shadow.

Friday Poem (5 Aug 2016): Roleplaying as extended, adjudicated thought experiments. rpg

Friday Poem (29 Jul 2016): On resuming Friday Poems

Friday Poem (15 Jan 2016): Word selection.

Friday Poem (8 Jan 2016): Don’t bother reading this rhyme

Friday Poem (1 Jan 2016): The genesis of magma

Friday Poem (23 Oct 2015): Testing software and people

Friday Poem (9 Oct 2015): Advise for selecting a quest.

Friday Poem (2 Oct 2015): ∃ rules of natural language?

Friday Poem (25 Sep 2015): How to con respectable folk.

Friday Poem (18 Sep 2015): By anonymous request, a poem about swords and pens

Friday Poem (11 Sep 2015): Driving to Richmond for a friend.

Friday Poem (4 Sep 2015): Do insects celebrate birthhours?

Friday Poem (28 Aug 2015): School has started, meaning my functional summer is over.

Monday Poem (8 Jun 2015): “I like the way you talk. I bet you’re a good teacher”

Friday Poem (29 May 2015): I find myself giving life advice even to strangers I meet on airplanes.

Friday Poem (1 May 2015): A tribute to a recently deceased friend.

Friday Poem (17 April 2015): Candles, coal, and dictionaries.

Friday Poem (3 April 2015): You are what you eat, which is why bats are bugs.

Friday Poem (20 Mar 2015): Laws of nature stop working when the boss isn’t paying attention.

Friday Poem (13 Mar 2015): X marks the spot to make one happy.

Friday Poem (19 Dec 2014): Lumps in powders, but not all.

Friday Poem (24 Oct 2014): Verse about happiness past and future.

Friday Poem (17 Oct 2014): A kindly man with evil eye…

Friday Poem (10 Oct 2014): A sonnet about not quite knowing.

Friday Poem (3 Oct 2014): Anticipating general conference.

Friday Poem (26 Sep 2014): Consensus and ego do not go together well.

Friday Poem (19 Sep 2014): A man with a bad battle plan.

Friday Poem (12 Sep 2014): Soup that feels as good as sleep.

Friday Poem (5 Sep 2014): Illness follows handshakes each semester.

Friday Poem (29 Aug 2014): Ammonia helps turn wool into felt.

Friday Poem (22 Aug 2014): About the number π.

Friday Poem (1 Aug 2014): Composed for a friend’s baptism.

Friday Poem (25 Jul 2014): Wildlife and death seen on a morning walk.

Friday Poem (18 Jul 2014): Christ’s prayers, short and long.

Friday Poem (11 Jul 2014): A limerick about flight.

Friday Poem (13 Jun 2014): Post-dragon-slaying stress disorder, with annotations.

Friday Poem (23 May 2014): A knight stops for dinner.

Friday Poem (16 May 2014): Reflections on the outward image of things.

Friday Poem (9 May 2014): Light and kindness come from little things.

Friday Poem (4 Apr 2014): The self portrait of life.

Friday Poem (28 Mar 2014): I like meter and rhyme, but do we always need both?

Friday Poem (21 Mar 2014): About doodling, with a doodle included.

Friday Poem (14 Feb 2014): A poem about the life of true love.

Friday Poem (31 Jan 2014): How do dragons fly on such puny wings?

Friday Poem (24 Jan 2014): When if the neuron network went down as easily as the computer network does?

Friday Poem (17 Jan 2014): We all know myths are false; we couldn’t stand not knowing that.

Friday Poem (10 Jan 2014): A poem about a cowboy and parenting.

Friday Poem (3 Jan 2014): “‍Paper Memories,‍” a poem about journals.

Friday Poem (27 Dec 2013): What if someone broke the water cycle?

Friday Poem (20 Dec 2013): Nonesense to be read with a stuffed-nose voice.

Friday Poem (13 Dec 2013): A sonnet about aging.

Friday Poem (6 Dec 2013): A poem for the last day of CS 2110.

Friday Poem (29 Nov 2013): Reflections on “‍black Friday‍”.

Friday Poem (22 Nov 2013): Second person, future tense… almost.

Friday Poem (15 Nov 2013): A couplet about owing money.

Friday Poem (8 Nov 2013): Mr Jones and Blue, the bright-red rat.

Friday Poem (1 Nov 2013): A short thought inspired by a conversation on “‍the keys of the priesthood.‍”

Friday Poem (25 Oct 2013): Can you explain why knowledge even exists?

Friday Poem (18 Oct 2013): Money for spats.

Friday Poem (11 Oct 2013): Profits from prophets with interest in interest.

Friday Poem (11 Oct 2013): Why is fantasy entertaining?

Friday Poem (27 Sep 2013): Temper and health: try to lose them one at a time.

Friday Poem (20 Sep 2013): Negative lyrics about presidents and prime ministers.

Friday Poem (13 Sep 2013): A squirrel decides to eat meat instead of acorns.

Friday Poem (6 Sep 2013): Silly advise seriously given.

Friday Poem (30 Aug 2013): Bipeds value the strangest senses.

Friday Poem (23 Aug 2013): Pessimism can lead to depression or joy.

Friday Poem (16 Aug 2013): The wee ones might be crying.

Friday Poem (9 Aug 2013): What if the meaning I think my life has isn’t real?

Friday Poem (5 Jul 2013): A pessimistic view of deathbed repentance.

Friday Poem (28 Jun 2013): Inspired by Ogden Nash

Friday Poem (7 Jun 2013): For that obligatory “‍questions‍” slide at the end of every technical presentation.

Friday Poem (31 May 2013): By the way, I’m not interested in you.

Friday Poem (24 May 2013): Shooting the breeze is safe.

Friday Poem (17 May 2013): Air thick as asphalt.

Friday Poem (10 May 2013): Rhymes inspired by programming paradigms.

Friday Poem (26 Apr 2013): Islands in the skies.

Friday Poem (19 Apr 2013): Piracy is a social ill.

Friday Poem (12 Apr 2013): Comparing medieval and metropolitan imagery.

Friday Poem (29 Mar 2013): A couplet about unexpected hope.

Friday Poem (15 Mar 2013): Rejoicing in the challenges of life.

Friday Poem (8 Mar 2013): An exploration of why we ought to be grateful for weathermen’s smajlics.

Friday Poem (1 Mar 2013): A poem that’s like a rhyme that’s like a verse with meter fairly true.

Friday Poem (22 Feb 2013): People and luck, good and bad.

Friday Poem (1 Feb 2013): A sonnet about believing in mythology.

Saturday Poem (26 Jan 2013): I’m glad God is mature enough to handle His power.

Friday Poem (18 Jan 2013): A sonnet about a piece of devised theater of which I heard tell.

Friday Poem (11 Jan 2013): A swan has lost its larder.

Friday Poem (21 Dec 2012): Thoughts about Christmas.

Friday Poem (14 Dec 2012): Many sun deities and a vampire.

Friday Poem (6 Dec 2012): A bizarre hypothetical involving a vision, a sage, and clothing.

Friday Poem (30 Nov 2012): … Oysters cry like tortured babies …

Friday Poem (24 Nov 2012): Mishearing a bank robber.

Friday Poem (18 November 2012): Two poems; last week’s about light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation and today’s about grudges and birthday cake.

Friday Poem (2 Nov 2012): Nonsense about weather, gum, telepathy, imaginary pets, etc.

Friday Poem (25 Oct 2012): A poem about types of poems.

Friday Poem (19 Oct 2012): A snippet composed for my D&D game.

Friday Poem (12 Oct 2012): Disconnected bits of rhyme about food.

Monday Poem (8 Oct 2012): An anonymized rhyme about an noteworthless place I’ve visited.

Friday Poem (28 Sep 2012): The perils of eating marshmallow fluff.

Friday Poem (21 September 2012): Sometimes on a bright day I like to pen something dark for contrast.

Friday Poem (14 September 2012): Let the present exceed your expectations.

Friday Poem (7 September 2012): A thought on the history of the British Isles.

Friday Poem (31 Aug 2012): From the Latin root gradus/gradi, meaning to step, walk, or move.

Friday Poem (24 Aug 2012): The ideal customer for the traveling purveyor of dapper caps.

Friday Poem (17 Aug 2012): Many great names in computing know little if anything about computing.

Friday Poem (10 Aug 2012): How peculiar are our criteria for marriage.

Friday Poem (27 Jul 2012): A handful of ants is a soothing thing.

Friday Poem (13 Jul 2012): Being paint in the world mosaic.

Friday Poem (9 Jun 2012): A sonnet for entertainment junkies.

Friday Poem (1 Jun 2012): Doggerel about wigs.

Friday Poem (25 May 2012): Life is like a three-act play.

Friday Poem (18 May 2012): What if I couldn’t write this poem?

Friday Poem (11 May 2012): An effort to modernize an old canon.

Friday Poem (4 May 2012): What is “‍real life‍”?

Friday Poem (27 Apr 2012): The fallacy of easy money.

Friday Poem (20 Apr 2012): In the real world, sometimes a great set-up isn’t followed by an action scene.

Friday Poem (14 Apr 2012): A thought about pointless fun.

Friday Poem (6 Apr 2012): What will the time do next?

Friday Poem (30 Mar 2012): Dancers and directors correlate with music differently.

Friday Poem (23 Mar 2012): A nightmare of sorts.

Friday Poem (10 Mar 2012): Reflections on childhood writing.

Friday Poem (24 Feb 2012): In God’s school of life, the lesson being taught is Happiness.

Friday Poem (17 Feb 2012): The Thunder Hoedown.

Friday Poem (10 Feb 2012): A ramble about humor.

Friday Poem (4 Feb 2012): One of the arrows of time.

Friday Poem (27 Jan 2012): How much history is fact?

Friday Poem (13 Jan 2012): Friday the 13th always brings to mind Walt Kelly’s masterwork, the Pogo comic strip.

Friday Poem (6 Jan 2012): Nonsense about scarecrows and air flows.

Friday Poem (30 Dec 2011): The End is Now.

Friday Poem (23 Dec 2011): Today is the anniversary of Joseph Smith’s birth. It is also close to Christmas

Friday Poem (17 Dec 2011): About the Christmas spirit.

Friday Poem (9 Dec 2011): Cat food, dog food, fish food… what about human food?

Friday Poem (2 Dec 2011): An accidental hole in the fabric of reality.

Friday Poem (25 Nov 2011): Gratitude can be awkward…

Friday Poem (18 Nov 2011): The consequences of treating delicate goods without delicacy.

Friday Poem (11 Nov 2011): Parents and authors name their children differently.

Friday Poem (4 Nov 2011): Violently saving the environment.

Friday Poem (28 Oct 2011): I wrote this poem tomorrow.

Friday Poem (21 Oct 2011): Monsters assuring mutual demise.

Friday Poem (14 Oct 2011): A rhyme from the title “‍with the moon came doom.‍”

Friday Poem (7 Oct 2011): A meditation on friends who do not share my near-perpetual sense of happiness.

Friday Poem (30 Sep 2011): Backlash from too many weeks of expository prose.

Friday Poem (23 Sep 2011): About gasoline.

Friday Poem (16 Sep 2011): A simple message inspired by a flow chart shared with me by my friend Markham.

Friday Poem (9 Sep 2011): A little mumble about listening.

Friday Poem (3 Sep 2011): A Saturday reflection on a Friday temple excursion.

Friday Poem (26 Aug 2011): Five beats on time.

Friday Poem (19 Aug 2011): “‍A blue moon falls from an empty sky where never star has gleamed…‍”

Friday Poem (12 Aug 2011): You know what they say about hindsight? They’re wrong.

Friday Poem (5 Aug 2011): Dana and Jane bicker till dawn while burning that which is neither a box nor a shepherd’s crook.

Friday Poem (29 Jul 2011): The curse of the magic elephant.

Friday Poem (22 Jul 2011): Inspired by old “‍fancy rooms‍” with a touch of morbid romanticism.

Friday Poem (15 Jul 2011): A few couplets inspired by my four-hour-long visit to Wales.

Friday Poem (8 Jul 2011): A guy looks downstairs at a Wisconsin statue he doesn’t like.

Friday Poem (1 Jul 2011): A sonnet for CS1.

Friday Poem (24 Jun 2011): A late-night mumble following a full day of teaching and coding.

Friday Poem (17 Jun 2011): Free verse typifying prayer.

Friday Poem (10 Jun 2011): “‍Glistening Heaps of Jelly‍”, flash poetry developed from a title in under 30 minutes.

Friday Poem (3 June 2011): Couplets about vegetables.

Friday Poem (27 May 2011): A “‍devil strategy guide‍” encouraging the use of plot to keep people enslaved.

Friday Poem (20 May 2011): An opening about a barber, with two possible endings based on suggestions from Matt Crook.

Friday Poem (13 May 2011): An small meander regarding glass professionals.