Friday Poem
© 21 Oct 2011 Luther Tychonievich
Licensed under Creative Commons: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0
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Friday Poem

Monsters assuring mutual demise.


Untitled Poem

In olden days when men were men and monsters were not men
A troll (and not the online kind) was tired of eating hen.
“‍One more chicken,‍” growled this beast, “‍and I shall be dyspeptic!
I seem to eat less human blood than even an inept tick!‍”
As soon as he had left his lair to venture forth abroad
He chanced upon a maiden (or, in modern speak, a broad).
This maiden, she was filled with fear, but hopeful that some knight
Would save her, so she sought delay lest she be et that night.
“‍Why should you eat me, troll?‍” she asked. “‍You see I’m rather small;
If you are patient, soon will come a hero much more tall.‍”
“‍He’ll come to save you‍” growled the troll, for he was not a fool.
“‍I’ll eat you now!‍” he slobbered, for his hunger made him drool.
But as he op’d his gaping maw another monster came,
This one a scaly four-legged beast, a dragon of some fame.
“‍Oh save me, save me!‍” screamed the maid, but neither monster heard
For each was trying to ensure the other was interred.
Then came a fight as sore as sore, the troll and dragon spared
As tooth and claw they each drew blood and trampled all the yard.
And when the fight was o’er, alone the frightened maiden stood
Each had consumed the other, a taste each found quite good.
And that is why, my sprightly friends, no monsters live today:
They all saw one another as enticing mutual prey.

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