Friday Poem
© 19 Oct 2012 Luther Tychonievich
Licensed under Creative Commons: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0
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Friday Poem

A snippet composed for my D&D game.


I am currently running a weekly Dungeons and Dragons game and decided to include a few distractions along the way, hints of a larger world with more mysteries than the players will discover. Two sessions ago they decided to investigate on of these distractions and last session they got much farther into it than I expected, so I find myself needing to fill in details I had not expected to need.

There is some freedom with a side quest like this, in that I have no need to make things solvable. Normally I’d not give a riddle they need to solve before moving on because the challenges are supposed to be ones the PCs can get through, not necessarily the Players. But in this case I am free to make things as insolvable as I think they should really be; if the players are stumped, well, this was just a distraction anyway.

Part of a cryptic clue they may or may not find next session refers to an old epic poem which Telethea (one of the PCs), being something of a history buff, will recall in part. So I needed to pen that part.

From the “‍Lay of Nine Duchies‍”

The sage was dying, but not yet dead,
When she came at last to the river’s head
She asked him “‍Sir, give me aid I pray!
Chaos reigns unchecked. Help me find a way.‍”
Then he spake these words, hesitant and slow:
“‍All that remains of those that know
Lies buried far where no soul may pass
Save they speak these words to the cold brown glass:
‘‍Praise Ondellon! I shall give my life
To defending those who’re preventing strife.‍’
Then the jumbled parts making reason vain
Shall resort themselves ’til they sense regain.‍”

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