Friday Poem
© 22 Feb 2013 Luther Tychonievich
Licensed under Creative Commons: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0
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Friday Poem

People and luck, good and bad.


I wrote this to fit Jed Whedon’s duet music “‍My Eyes.‍” A low-quality recording of me singing it is available.

First Voice

Everything I do succeeds.
It seems I’m given all my wants and needs.
  I will win at any game,
  Every time it is the same;
Old Sors my every passion heeds.

I won’t get cancer even if I smoke.
  I find money on the ground.
E’en grumpy men will ply me with a joke,
  It’s such a funny sound.

I might rob a bank today
’Cause I know I can get away,
I’m so lucky in every way!
  I’ve no need to fear,
  Bad luck is never near
To make me pay.

Second Voice

My milk will spill.
My coat will catch the window sill.
My petrol tank will over-fill.
If it can fail it always will.

Just look at me, you’ll see I’m going down in smoke,
  I’m crashing too the ground.
My hero-name is “‍Accidental Bloke‍”;
  Such power’s rarely found.

I tripped on the stairs today,
Said what I didn’t mean to say,
Fell asleep when I tried to pray,
  But the villains fear:
  Somehow I’m always near
To make them pay.

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