Friday Poem
© 12 Oct 2012 Luther Tychonievich
Licensed under Creative Commons: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0
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Friday Poem

Disconnected bits of rhyme about food.


Sometimes I have a meter and a rhyme scheme and a topic and material to fit all of the above, but the bits and pieces just don’t fit together into a single whole. Usually I scrap those bits and try again, but today I thought I’d share the alluvium.

Untitled Poem

Glorious butter and oh-so-fine lard,
High-fructose corn syrup, honey gone hard…
Fat little people in decadence dine,
Dinners they eat are much different than mine.
Hard winter wheat with a dash of live yeast
Sticks to the pan that I barely have greased.
Lots of green veggies the corners have filled,
Washed down with water, unflavored, unchilled.

Untitled Poem

Left-handed sugars you cannot digest,
Gums that you chew but you do not ingest,
Pills that you swallow but don’t really eat,
The line between food and non-food is not neat.

Untitled Poem

The food that I rhyme of, the food that we eat,
The food we like cold and the food that needs heat,
The bland, dense and hearty, the fluffy and sweet,
Veg’tables, fruit bowls, big platters of meat,
There’s food everywhere, the whole world’s replete!

Untitled Poem

Some people are starving with no food at all;
Some people eat so much they’re more wide than tall.

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