Friday Poem
© 30 Dec 2011 Luther Tychonievich
Licensed under Creative Commons: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0
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Friday Poem

The End is Now.


The End

“‍Once upon a time‍”—a phrase iconic in its way
It is a way to start a story, it’s how we chose to say
  “‍We know this never happened, no,
    But we’ll pretend it did;
  And lest the story open slow
  We’ll summarize its background so.
    Of context we’ll be rid.‍”

Yet more impressive to my view than “‍Once upon a time‍”
Is this: “‍The End.‍” Two words alone that hide a truth sublime.
  “‍And then they all went living life,‍”
    These two words seem to say,
  “‍A thing we all know comes with strife,
  With joy and pain and sorrow rife.
    They lived from day to day.‍”

“‍The End‍” is where we mortals live from birth to death it seems;
No “‍Once upon a time‍” for us—except, perhaps, in dreams.
  The “‍happ’ly ever after‍”’s now;
    We start right at the end.
  And who can say exactly how
  Through daily tasks to gaily plow
    And take what God may send?

The dragons that the heroes slay are often clear to see
There is no doubt what foes to face, which damsels fair to free
  But in “‍the end‍” the way’s less clear
    With fam’ly, work, and friends
  The dragons brought on simple fears
  But life brings more and muddled tears
    And fewer means than ends.

In life, if three great gifts are given to aid you in your quest
You might use one or two at most, and jettison the rest.
  No editor in life will trim
    The useless bits away
  It takes more than a sword to swim
  The current of this world’s whim;
    The strong live day to day.

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