Friday Poem
© 20 Sep 2013 Luther Tychonievich
Licensed under Creative Commons: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0
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Friday Poem

Negative lyrics about presidents and prime ministers.


This poem is meant to be sung to the tune of “‍Older‍” by They Might be Giants.

It bears repeating that I write poems for the fun of writing them and that I do not necessarily believe the messages they contain.

Untitled Poem

When I am made the president
  I think I’ll change the world,
  The truth will be unfurled,
  In prison crooks be hurled!
When I am made prime minister
  I think I’ll change my socks and
    I think I’ll change my mind.

That’s the way it goes,
As the prime minister knows!

Each president’s an optimist
  “‍It’s just a short-term pickle,‍”
  So certain yet so fickle,
  One hammer and one sickle.
Each minister’s a strategist
  That looks to earn more stocks and
    That takes what he can find.

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