Friday Poem
© 2 Nov 2012 Luther Tychonievich
Licensed under Creative Commons: CC BY-NC 3.0
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Friday Poem

Nonsense about weather, gum, telepathy, imaginary pets, etc.


Designed to fit the tune of “‍Still Alive‍” by Jonathan Coulton. A recording of me singing it with myself with a $8 microphone is available here. The recording preceded the ending being written….

Untitled Poem

The weather is lovely, It makes me remember how to smile. The way the cooler breezes blow is magic. I’m feeling quite cozy, May sweaters suffice for quite a while. I love the winter too, except the heavy jackets are loud; But I’m not here singing of my problems to come And I’m not complaining about old chewing gum Though it’s stuck to my shoe And I don’t even chew and it somehow emerged from the crowd.

I do love my pony. The way that it neighs is so divine. Although the fact it is not real is tragic. My pets are all phony, But I do take some joy that they’re mine. You do not have to share a dream except with those who read minds. But I’m not here singing about telepathy Psychics may read minds, but they’ll never read me ’Cause my brain is a mess, And I can’t over stress that inside of my head are all kinds.

The weather is lovely, And so is the soup I had for lunch. I’ll scrape the gum off of my shoe by nightfall. I’m feeling quite cozy, My pony is keeping me quite warm. The crowd is thinning, and I think I’ll never fail again. But I’m not here singing of my failures old They just weren’t that bad despite what I was told And I’m happy to say By the end of the day that I am certain this day was a win.

Yes I’m certain this day was a win. Despite my errors it was quite the win. And come tomorrow I will also win. I can win. I can win.

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