Friday Poem
© 17 Jun 2011 Luther Tychonievich
Licensed under Creative Commons: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0
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Friday Poem

Free verse typifying prayer.


This marks my third foray into the realm of free verse. The first was an introspective rant of sorts that played mostly with spacing and formatting for poetic form. The second was a tribute to Markham Hilton Anderson, the very best of men. This third was inspired partly by prayers Markham’s niece offered last time I saw her, partly by the dream of a night vision I had this week, and partly by some statements made in church meetings recently. I picked free verse partly because Jill Baskin touts it so highly and partly to see if I can make it work.

Incidentally, I prefer the archaic pronouns used in this poem to the modern usage of the plural subjective “‍you‍” for everything, but most of my mortal friends don’t take them in stride….

Good evening, God, it’s Luther

Good evening, God, it’s Luther.

Good evening, Luther. I trust thou had a pleasant day?

I did, thank thee very much. I particularly liked the cloudburst after luncheon.

Thou’rt welcome. I thought thou’d enjoy that.

Also, thanks for the help at work today. I was in a real bind until thou stepped in.

It was my pleasure. Thou could’ve made it through that one on thine own, but it wouldn’t have taught thee much.

Thanks also for that vote of confidence. It’s a real boost.

Thou knowst I trust thee more than thou dost.

I do. I’ve been thinking a lot about my friend today. Is he OK?

He could use a friend in deed as well as thought right now. Why didn’t thou call him?

I meant to when thou toldst me this morning, but it seemed too early to bother him and later it slipped my mind.

I reminded thee twice during the day.

Thou’rt right. I’m sorry. I’ll do it right after we finish talking. Did my not calling him cause problems?

Between my Son and the Spirit, we helped him through the day, but he listens more to you than to Us. Call him this evening, and listen well. He’ll use silence to test your sincerity.

Thanks for the advice; I wont let him down again tonight. While we’re talking about my mistakes, thou sawst what I did before dinner.

I did. I also saw thou apologize.

I’m afraid the apology wasn’t accepted and some real harm was done. Wilt thou forgive me?

My Son will cure the harm. Thou art forgiven.

Thank thee. That’s a real relief. I’ll try to avoid that mistake next time.

I know thou wilt.

That’s about all I had to discuss this evening. Anything thou’dst like to add before I call my friend?

Only that thou shouldst have kept thine previous plans for Saturday. That alternative thou’st selected isn’t wise.

Oh. It’s not too late, I’ll unmake those plans. I’m sorry I didn’t consult thee earlier. Anything else?

That will do for now. I love thee, Luther.

I love thee too, God.

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