qgbox on HP9000/755 ?

From: Daryl Morse (morse@mprgate.mpr.ca)
Date: Fri May 07 1993 - 10:35:15 CDT

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> I am trying to update the results table for a benchmark code of
> mine (qgbox) and do not have access to one of the newer HP9000/7xx
> machines, like the 735/755 models.

> It hardly seems fair for me to be quoting IBM RS/6000-580 and
> DEC 3000/500 results against the older HP 9000/730's.

Actually, if you really want to make it fair, you should try to get
numbers for DEC's 3000/500X, which is significantly faster than the
3000/500. If not the undiscounted price of the machine the tests were
run on, providing an indication of which machines are expensive
high-end server class machines, which are desktop, etc., would make
your numbers all the more interesting. Comparing servers against
servers and workstations against workstations is the most fair way to

I point this out, because my suspicions tell me that the IBM RS6000 up
near the top of the heap is a very pricey server. (If I am wrong about
that, please disregard my suspicion.)

Please don't take my comments personally. The numbers are definitely
of interest.


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