Re: SPECint92, and other benchmarks (really LINPACK)

From: David desJardins (
Date: Sun May 09 1993 - 15:24:50 CDT

In article <> you write:
>The current winner for aggregate bandwidth is the Cray C90, which can
>sustain 105 GB/s from its shared main memory to/from its 16 cpus.
>The Thinking Machines CM-5 is a potential competitor here, but I have
>not been able to get results off of one yet....

A 1024 node CM-5 could sustain 90% or more of its peak bandwidth, which
is 1024 * 4 * 16M * 8 = 512 GB/s. (It can run at over 99% of that, if
you are doing something especially trivial like adding up the entries in
a very large array.) Of course this is just between the vector units
and their local memories.

                                        David desJardins

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