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 +==== Network Printing ====
 +CS hosts a number of network attached printers on the 4th and 5th floors of Rice Hall.  There is also an [[hp_scanner|HP Scanner]] and a [[scanner_copier|Ricoh scanner/copier]] in the 5th floor mailing room.  There is no cost associated with printing, anyone with a CS account can print.
 +*** Windows 11 laptop users *** Windows no longer allows direct access to printers. See the Papercut Printing section on the main page.
 +=== Available Public Printers ===
 +^ Printer Name ^ Printer Model ^ Location ^ Installed Printer Options ^
 +|printer016|HP LaserJet 9050dn|Rice 429|Tray 1, Tray 4, Duplex Unit|
 +|printer017|HP Color Laserjet CP5220|Rice 525|Duplex Unit|
 +|printer018|Ricoh Aficio MP 7502|Rice 525|Large Capacity tray, Multi-hole Punch Unit|
 +|printer025|Xerox VersaLink B610|Rice 525|Large Capacity tray, Tray 1, Tray 4, Duplex Unit, Finisher|
 +|printer032|Xerox VersaLink C400DN|Rice 525|Duplexer, Color Laserjet|
 +=== Print Server ===
 +The department uses a Windows print server. Linux and Mac users print using //lpd// (Line Printer Daemon) through the Windows print server.\\
 +^ Print System ^ DNS Address ^ Typical Printer URL ^
 +| Windows | | ''%%\\\printer025%%''
 +| Mac     | | ''%%lpd://'' |
 +| Linux   | | ''%%lpd://'' |
 +All printers that are available for network printing have a label on them in the form of 'printerXYZ'. Simply replace 'XYZ' with the specific printer number you wish to use with the URL format given above.
 +=== Windows instructions ===
 +To add a printer on Windows 10 or 11, navigate to 'Printers and Scanners' under Windows settings. Select 'Add a printer or scanner'.
 +{{ printersandscanners.png |}}
 +After a few moments of populating printers from network discovery, you will be able to manually add a printer via the 'printer wasn't listed' button.
 +{{ printerwasntlisted.png |}}
 +From here, add a printer using the notation listed below in the 'Select a shard printer by name' field. Substitute 'printer025' with your desired printername.
 +{{ addaprinter.png |}}
 +You should see a confirmation message upon successful install.
 +{{ successfullyaddedprinter.png |}}
 +Windows uses the "smb" protocol to print. This requires you to authenticate using your Windows credentials. Enter your user name as ''%%CSDOM\username%%''.
 +If this process fails, you can contact support at
 +=== MAC instructions ===
 +Mac users print using the //lpd// (Line Printer Daemon) protocol through the Windows print server.
 +To add a network printer, open System Preferences by clicking on the Apple logo in the top left corner. Select Printers and Scanners. At the bottom of the list of printers, click the "+" button to add a printer. Click Advanced (if this icon is not shown, right-click any white space at the top of this window, select "Customize Toolbar", and drag the "Advanced" gear icon to the toolbar, then click Advanced). Wait until a search for printers completes. Then add the printer by Selecting Type to be "LPD/LPR Host or Printer", Device to be "Another Device", and URL to be ''%%lpd://<number>%%'', for example ''%%lpd://''. For Name, specify "printer<number", for example "printer025". You can enter a location (like "Room 211"), then for Use, choose "Generic Postscript Printer". Click Add. 
 +The printer has now been added, and you can print to it.
 +=== High Capacity Public Printer on the 5th floor ===
 +There is a high capacity printer ("printer025") in the 5th floor mail room (room 525). Detailed directions for adding this printer on a Windows, Mac, or Linux based desktop can be found at this link: [[Xerox VersaLink B610]]