Network Printing

CS hosts a number of network attached printers on the 4th and 5th floors of Rice Hall. There is also a Ricoh scanner/copier in the 5th floor mailing room. There is no cost associated with printing, anyone with a CS account can print.

Windows Name CUPS Name Printer Model Location Installed Printer Options
CS-BW1CS-BW1HP LaserJet 9050dnRice 525Tray 1, Tray 4, Duplex Unit
CS-BW2CS-BW2HP LaserJet 9050dnRice 429Tray 1, Tray 4, Duplex Unit
CS-COLOR1color-laser1HP Color Laserjet CP5220Rice 525Duplex Unit
CS-COLOR2color-laser2HP Color Laserjet CP5220Rice 429NOT Duplex Unit
CS-Copier7502CS-Copier7502Ricoh Aficio MP 7502Rice 525Large Capacity tray, Multi-hole Punch Unit

The department hosts a Windows print server as well as a CUPS server for Unix printing. Department Linux systems should be pre-configured to print to CUPS. Department Windows systems should be set up with the Windows printers.

Print System DNS Address Typical Printer URL
Windows \\\CS-BW1 (Windows) or smb:// (Mac/Linux)
Windows \\\CS-BW1 (Windows) or smb:// (Mac/Linux)
CUPS ipp://

You must authenticate using your Windows credentials to use Samba printing. From Windows, you need to enter your user name as CSDOM\username. From other operating systems, you may be given a domain field, in which you should enter CSDOM. If no field for domain is available, you may need to enter CSDOM in with your user name like with Windows.

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