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How to use this scanner

  1. This scanner has a pop - out keyboard under the screen. Just push in, and it will pop out.
  2. Press Sign in at the top of the screen.
  3. Log in using your CS Domain (CSDOM) account name only. For example: pa3gw
  4. Type in your CSDOM password.
  5. Press "Sign In" on the lower right.

Scanning to a network folder:

  1. Click "Scan to Network Folder".
  2. Click the “+” box and, on the right side of the screen, enter the desired network folder into which the scans will be placed. For example: \\samba\<username>\scans scans to your home directory, into a folder called "scans". If the folder does not exist it will be created.
  3. Press the blue keyboard down button in the lower right hand corner to expose the save button.
  4. Then press the “Save” button in the LOWER RIGHT, not the save button on the left.
  5. You should then see the path on the left hand side, with a check mark next to it as pictured below.
  6. Click "Options" to set common options. By default, the scans are double sided.
  7. Press “send” to start scanning to your network folder.
  8. To create a quick set, press “Retain” to keep all your settings from the scan intact.
  9. Under Quicksets and Defaults, press save, and save your quickset with a familiar name. I suggest saving them like pa3gw – single sided, pa3gw – double sided 

Hint: Save the quickset with a meaningful name, because quicksets are seen by all users but only you have the persmissions to write scans to your home directory.

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