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CS 101 Slides

There is a method to the slide coloring scheme - see below.


In general, I'll put a green slide with the title "end of prepared slides" in the current slide set I am lecturing from.  Content before that is not likely to change much (error fixes, mostly).  But content after that is very likely to change.

Slide coloring scheme (the method to my madness):

  • White or black slides: the regular lecture slides
  • Green slides: where each particular lecture ended
  • Red slides: the humor/interesting slides
  • Blue slides (the cloud theme): these are just topic dividers that are easy to see when it's in multiple slide view mode
  • Blue slides (the stream theme): for questions to ask the class as to how well they understood something
  • Orange (maple) slides: for program demos in JCreator


CS 101 Lecture Videos

The videos come in different resolutions:

  • The low resolution version is 160x120, and is about 15 Mb per video
  • The medium resolution version is 320x240, and is about 50 Mb per video
  • There are high resolution versions, but we are not putting them online due to server space and bandwidth issues.

All videos are currently in Windows Media Player format (this may change in the future -- if you have problems with this format, please let us know).  You can download a WMP player here.


CS 101-E Slides

Use CS 101 slides as reference for studying for exams.

These slides use Microsoft Powerpoint.  You can download a free PowerPoint viewer here.  Some of the slides use animations which may not print correctly.  Also, these animations may not work correctly in versions of PowerPoint prior to 2002.

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