Electric Vehicles in UVA/Charlottesville

Information and updates about electric vehicles at UVA and Charlottesville.

Local Charging Map

On Grounds EV Chargers

There aren’t too many:

  • Central Grounds Garage: 2 25 kW DC chargers, 1 J-1772 L2 charger.
  • Darden Parking Garage: 3 NEMA 14-50 outlets. These spots require a D10EV parking permit.
  • UVA Facilities has a few for their Nissan Leafs.

Charging in Cville

EVgo is has opened some outdated locations in Charlottesville. These are all slow 50 kW chargers.

  • Barracks Road Shopping Center
  • Water Street Parking Garage
  • Southside Shopping Center

Tesla has a Supercharger at Stonefield.

The Albermarle County building has three Chargepoint DC chargers and a couple L2 chargers. These are free, and thus are pretty busy.

The Ford dealer has Blink DCFC chargers.

Tiger Fuel installed two Chargepoint chargers at The Market at Mill Creek.

There used to be Greenlots chargers, two in downtown surface parking lots, they broke and were never repaired.

Several businesses have free-to-use EV chargers in their parking lots.

Comparisons with Other Universities

The Push for EVs

There is support for electric vehicles in Virginia.



  • Mini-Grants for EV Chargers: The city created a grant to help subsidize the installation of publicly accessible EV chargers.
  • Riverbend Development: This development firm is a proponent of EVs, and has EV chargers at at least two developments (Coca-Cola Building and Emmet Street Station). Although, they promised three L2 chargers at Emmet Street Station and never installed them.

Why Do I Care?

Because I am an EV owner! I bought a Chevy Bolt in August 2018 and have been driving electric ever since.