Welcome to the work-in-progress class page for CS 4414 – Operating Systems, taught by Professor Reiss.

This class has two sections (12:30pm Tuesday/Thursday and 3:30pm Tuesday/Thursday). The same material will be taught and same assignments will be used in each section.

Contacting the Course Staff

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Charles Reiss
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Please respect the fact that our TAs are also students in other classes, with assignments and so on of their own, and limit your 4414-related contact with them to the times they have scheduled to act as TAs.

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Office Hours

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You will need

We recommend the textbook, Thomas Anderson and Michael Dahlin, Operating Systems: Principles and Practice, Second Edition.

You might also refer to Arpaci-Dusseau’s free textbook (Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces) or Silberchartz’s textbook (Operating System Concepts) if you want more perspectives.

Linux environment

Some assignments will require a Linux environment. You should setup anticipate setting up a virtual machine if you don’t run Linux natively. We provide a suitable VM environment/instructions for creating one if needed.


See this page.


Separate from the course staff, the Engineering school provides tutoring services, including for this course.


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