CS 6354: Graduate Computer Architecture

CS 6354: Graduate Computer Architecture

1 Course Content

This an introduction to concepts in computer architecture beyond those typically taught in an undergraduate course. The course will include a brief review of undergraduate topics, such as basic pipelining and memory hierarchies. It will also cover more advanced techniques for memory hierarchies, out-of-order and multiple issue processors, multicore processors, vector processors and GPUS, and some miscellaneous hot topics in computer architecture.

The course will include a mix of research paper readings, programming assigments, and an examination.

2 Contact

Instructor TA
Name Charles Reiss Luonan Wang
Location Rice 205 Rice 314
Office Hours Monday 1PM-3PM; Friday 10AM-12PM Tuesday 1-2PM
Email creiss@virginia.edu lw3mz@virginia.edu

For most communication, Piazza is preferred to email.