Engineering Cryptosystems

A four-session introduction to understanding and building secure cryptosystems targeted to software engineers and project managers without previous background in cryptography.

This series of lectures was developed for MicroStrategy, Inc., and given at the AMC Movie Theater in Tyson's Corner Mall, Falls Church, Virginia in October 2013.

Day 1: Symmetric Cryptosystems

Annotated Slides (including Challenge Puzzle!)

Day 2: Using (and Misusing) Symmetric Cryptosystems

Randomness, Dual-EC PRNG; Cipher Modes (Storing Encrypted Files); Managing Passwords

Day 3: Public-Key Protocols

Key Agreement, Asymmetric Cryptography, RSA, Public-Key Protocols, Digital Signatures, SSL/TLS, Certificates

Day 4: Future of Cryptography

Biometrics, Secure Computation, Automatic Protocol Checking